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Mt Hood Wilderness Stewards

The seed for the Wilderness Stewardship Program was sown in the development of the Wilderness Protection Plan for the Mt. Hood, Salmon-Huckleberry and Hatfield Wildernesses.

In 1999, the Forest proposed a plan to implement wilderness wide use restrictions that would have cut wilderness use by more than half. More than 600 people responded to that proposal and encouraged the Forest to consider a less restrictive approach that protected resources and educated the public.

From this, the Wilderness Stewards Program was born. We continue in this tradition, constantly revamping the program to best serve the interests of stewards, recreational users, and the forest.

This site contains background information, resource documents, contact information, photos, the activity calendar, and other helpful information on the Wilderness Steward program.

Thank you for the time, energy, and heart you pour into serving our forests and its visitors. Without your efforts, our jobs would be spread even thinner, and our forests would suffer from neglect.